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Woman jumps to death after husband dies

Patna: A woman in Bihar jumped to her death minutes after her husband died during treatment at a local hospital. Later, both the bodies were cremated together.

Police said Sanoj Kumar, 35, who was suffering from jaundice and liver problems had been admitted to a private hospital in Patna last week after his condition deteriorated.

The patient was responding well but on Thursday morning his condition suddenly deteriorated and he died soon thereafter.

The death left the family shell-shocked. However, his young wife, Priti Kumari, 32, appeared totally distraught and could not control herself after being informed about her husband’s death. The victim was a medical representative.

Reports said even as other family members were still crying, the woman went up to the fourth floor of the hospital which had been opened for cleaning in the morning and jumped to the ground. She died instantly.

According to family members, the couple had no children since they married in 2009.

“While we were still mourning the death of my father-in-law, we got the news of our daughter’s death. The twin setbacks have shattered our world,” said Satyajeet Prasad, a schoolteacher. “I can’t believe that they are no more,” he added.

He added he had never come across such couple. “I never found them quarrelling ever,” he said.

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