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Woman attacked by shark at Sydney beach

Canberra: A 55-year-old woman was mauled by a great white shark during a leisurely swim on a Sydney beach.

Anna Shurapey from Sydney’s southwest became the first shark attack victim in Botany Bay in 25 years when she was attacked 20 metres from Congwong Beach on Friday night, Randwick Mayor Lindsay Shurey said.

Shurapey was taken to St. George Hospital with a bite wound to right lower leg. She was in a stable condition on Saturday.

The predator was believed to be between 2.7 metre and 3.2 metre long.

“I think she’s very lucky to still have her leg … and to survive,” Shurey said, according to a report by news.com.au.

“We’re all a little shocked and concerned. I’ve lived in this area for 35 years and we have no knowledge of anything like this before,” the Mayor said, adding that the locals were reeling from the incident.

The La Perouse beach, along with the surrounding Congwong, Frenchmans and Yarra beaches, were closed for at least 24 hours following the incident.

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