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Watch Noah Centineo Talk About the First Date He’d Take Selena Gomez On

Okay, backstory—Noah Centineo (also known as Peter Kavinsky) told Seventeen.com that he was crushing hard on Selena Gomez back in September. Then, two months later, the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before star left a thirsty comment about the “Wolves” singer on Instagram, writing, “Bahhhhh she’s gorgeous,” on a photo of Gomez posing with her former talent agent.

And now, Centineo is actually planning out adorable, IRL dates to take Gomez on. On a recent red carpet for a GQ event, a correspondent from ET asked the actor to clarify his intentions with Gomez, grilling him about that very public Instagram comment.

“Look, people went crazy when you posted that Selena Gomez is gorgeous,” the reporter begins in the video. “What’s the deal, are you crushing? Are you reaching out? Are you sliding into the DM’s?”

“That’s all love, man. That’s not in the DM’s,” Centineo replies. “I respect the woman.” He then goes on to describe what his ideal date with Gomez (who, by the way, Centineo says is “hard not to have a crush on”) would be, which apparently involves yoga and a hike to the fabled Wisdom Tree. Watch the clip below!

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