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UK government puts forward Brexit statement for vote on Wednesday

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s parliament will debate and vote on Wednesday on a motion put forward by the government to say that lawmakers have noted Prime Minister Theresa May’s statement on Brexit and that negotiations are continuing, her spokesman said.

Parliament will again debate and vote on the government’s next steps on its plans to leave the European Union after May said ongoing talks to change her Brexit deal meant there could not be a vote on that agreement this week.

The British prime minister moved to take the sting out of Wednesday’s votes, which could have seen her government defeated, by handing parliament the chance to vote against leaving the EU without a deal in March.

The spokesman said the wording of the motion was: “This House notes the Prime Minister’s statement on EU exit of 26 February, 2019; and further notes that discussions between the UK and the EU are ongoing.”

Reporting by Kylie MacLellan, writing by Elizabeth Piper. Editing by Andrew MacAskill

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