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Toyota sign a landmark for generations down

The famous neon Toyota sign on Sheikh Zayed road that has been up since the 70s was removed recently.

Dubai: The famous neon Toyota badge atop Nasser Rashid Lootah Building on Shaikh Zayed Road that has been up there since the 1970s was removed recently.

The bright red insignia was so famous for generations of residents that even the building is popularly referred to as ‘Toyota building’.  Its logo was removed as the advertising contract has expired.

Back in the 1970s when the sign was put up above Nasser Rashid Lootah Building, it was surrounded by nothing but sand and a few low-rise buildings. Through the time, many high risers cropped up in the neighbourhood. The building survived the massive change on Shaikh Zayed Road in the past 30 years. It continued to be used as a landmark by old and new residents of the city, defying time with its old world architecture and small shops in the building.

toyota buildingNow the building has one sign – a Daman advertisement. What will replace the Toyota advertisement? Will the building continue to be called Toyota building?.

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