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This mum went to college at 50, and she wasn’t the oldest

Dubai: This mum, 50, went to college after her daughter completed hers.

“Why not?” asks Dubai resident Renuh Sarah Thomas as she proudly flaunts her recently acquired Master’s degree in Art Psychotherapy.

Just back from Edinburgh, Scotland where she undertook the two-year MSc programme, she says, “I feel a tremendous sense of achievement.”

Unlike many others her age who can’t wait to hang up their boots after their kids having flown the nest, settled into a job or gotten married, Renuh says she wanted to find a renewed purpose in life.

“I never really had a career path. My family was my focus, so I just did jobs that came my way earlier,” she says adding, the last job she had was that of a teacher.

“But there came a time when my daughter and husband didn’t need me quite so much as they had a busy work and social life. I realised letting go was okay. And I was right – the last two years have helped all the three of us grow as individuals.”

Renuh says she often felt not having an international qualification was a limitation for her work as a teacher.

“But now I feel the real limitations we have are the ones we place on ourselves. The course made me feel liberated and empowered in both my professional and personal capacity.”

Renuh, who is looking forward to working as an art therapist, says it’s never too late to start studying. “In fact, age is an advantage as it helps gather experience. I returned to university as a mature student. And you know what, I wasn’t the oldest in my class. A 59-year-old beat me to it.”

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