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The parents’ guide to avoiding ‘Fortnite’ scams

You were just getting used to your kid’s obsession with “Fortnite,” and now, all you hear about is V-Bucks. V-Bucks, like Robux on Roblox, are “Fortnite’s” in-game currency. Players use them to buy the fun “skins” (characters and outfits) and “emotes” (those hilarious dances like “Flossing” and “Take the L”) that kids will say they totally need to make “Fortnite” even cooler. For the record: You don’t need V-Bucks to play “Fortnite,” and if you do spring for them, they cost real money. Also, online scammers are all over V-Bucks. (Get the whole scoop on “Fortnite” in our Parents’ Ultimate Guide to “Fortnite.”)

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