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The Leopard Skirt You’ve Been Searching For is Only $30

Leopard skirts are always on my mind. Every Influencer on Instagram has one, which serves as a constant reminder that I need one too. The skirt makes me believe the whole “dress it up and down” scheme actually exists. It’s wild enough for a night out, but it won’t look out of place at the office. As far as prints go, leopard is as neutral as you can get. No matter your sense of style, the leopard skirt just works.

Since I had this revelation, I’ve started having problems getting dressed in the morning. I only want to wear the item I don’t own, and my mind’s become preoccupied with aspirational leopard skirt outfits. Truth is, I do own a leopard skirt, but it’s pleated, a little short, and just not what I needed. Welcome to my madness.

Another part of my madness is that I’m mad cheap. There are a ton of styles to shop, but the prices are too high for me. Altuzarra’s spotted midi is perfection but even on sale it costs a hefty $550. I tabbed Realisation Par’s popular $180 style when it first dropped, but never took the plunge. As fate would have it, my patience paid off: H&M just released a style for a $30.


SHOP H&M Calf-Length Skirt, $30; hm.com

Regardless of its affordable price tag, this is the perfect leopard skirt. The cut is super flattering, hitting right at the calf. The hemline softly flares out, creating a feminine silhouette and the leopard print isn’t too leopard-y (somehow, I feel like you know what I mean). And since it’s made of 100 percent viscose I don’t have to baby the fabric

Owning this leopard skirt makes me feel like my outfit options just doubled. During the winter I’ll be wearing it with a hoodie, a wool coat, and OTK boots. When summer hits I’ll copy the model and wear it with ’90s strappy sandals and an easy t-shirt. I haven’t been this excited for any single fashion item in a while, so buy it now before it sells out.

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