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Saudi philanthropist supports 7,000 orphans

Al Ghamdi provides children mostly in African countries with education and basic necessities

Islamabad: Saudi philanthropist, Ali Al Ghamdi, is currently supporting 7,000 orphans and 2,000 families, mainly in African countries.

Al Ghamdi has been providing to orphans since he was 17 years old, according to the Arabic daily Al Hayat.

He told the newspaper that he was really impacted by a trip he took to Africa when he was young where he witnessed extreme poverty.

“They did not only lack life’s basic necessities but also the education to elevate their lives,” he told the daily.

The images I saw at that time stuck deep in my mind and I couldn’t shake them off. I first went to the Philippines to help the orphans there before I went to Africa. I was inspired by Kuwaiti philanthropist Abdul Rahman Al Samit,” Al Ghamdi said.

One of the first things he provided was classrooms for underprivileged children.

“We helped prepare them for school and we gave the support they needed so they would feel just equal to their peers.”

Al Ghamdi has helped children in Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, the Comoros, Chad, Niger, Uganda and other countries.

“I tried reaching out to national and official directories and entities to support me but no one responded so I had to continue my work without any help. I sometimes take out bank loans and live within a tight budget to be able to pay the money back. Once I pay back a loan, I take another and so on,” said Al Ghamdi said.

The daily did not mention what Al Ghamdi did for a living but said his wife provided him with immense support.

The couple was unable to have children for 13 years, but now they are blessed with four.

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