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Private parking fee to remain unregulated


Private parking operators in Dubai will remain free to decide the fees even as the sector is being governed by a new set of regulations.

Though the new regulations standardise the operations of the private parking business in terms of design elements and infrastructure, the issue of fees has been left to market dynamics, a senior Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) official told Gulf News.

Fees at private parking lots in Dubai vary from area to area, with the increasing demand seeing the prices shoot up from Dh5 and Dh10 to Dh20 and Dh25 in busy areas of Bur Dubai and Deira.

“Private parking operators are following the rules and are within their rights to charge rates based on market demand. This matter falls under the open market policy in line with the principle of supply and demand,” said Osama Al Safi, Parking Director at the RTA.

Leaving aside the fees, the new regulation governs all other aspects of private parking operations.

Rolled out last year, according to Executive Council Resolution No. (5) of 2016 for Regulating Car Parks in the Emirate of Dubai, the new regulation, according to Al Safi, enhances and improves the level of services provided at public and private parking in the emirate of Dubai.

“The private parking lots need to established as per the approved designs for the private parking components. The details of the design elements are available at customer’s happiness centres,” said Al Safi.

He added that the new specifications for the private parking lots were sent to all f the private parking companies in Dubai last year ahead of the introduction of the new regulations.

“Parking operators have been informed of the new requirements for the design and structure of the private parking lots and there will be no renewal of the permits in case the required conditions are not implemented,” said Al Safi.

Among the main upgrades the new specifications bring are standard shape and design for the parking operator’s cabin and clear entries and exits.

The new regulation also covers specifications for the private parking gates, type of materials for fences and their forms, specifications regarding uniforms for the staff, types and specifications of lighting, specifications related to the signage of private parking lots, installation of surveillance cameras covering the entire area, as well as standards of flooring.

Last year, Sharjah introduced new regulations for its private parking lots, which also covered a unified fee structure.

Sharjah Municipality has set up notice boards at the entrance of all private paid parking lots with information about the number of parking spaces available along with hourly, daily, weekly and monthly rates.

A parking space in a typical parking lot in Abu Shagara is fixed at Dh8 per hour, Dh50 per day, Dh100 per week and Dh350 per month.

Though the number of public parking lots have increased to around 150,000 across the city in 82 paid parking zones, up from 112,000 parking slots in 69 parking zones in 2016, the increasing demand, particularly in the central business districts have seen the private parking business thrive.

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