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Patty Jenkins Will Reportedly Return For 'Wonder Woman 2'

We’ve known ever since Wonder Woman stormed the summer box office that a sequel was in the works, with a release date now set for December 13, 2019. Director Patty Jenkins hadn’t been confirmed to return—though that is about to change. Jenkins is now closing in on a historic deal to direct the sequel that would see her rightfully given a huge raise.

Per Deadline, the negotiations over Jenkins’ return have taken a while because she is holding out for a substantially larger paycheck, “the same as a male director would receive after such a box office coup,” according to the outlet.

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To date, Wonder Woman has grossed close to $800 million worldwide, breaking several box office records, including the one for the highest-grossing live action film directed by a woman. It also breathed new life into the DC movie universe (which had been floundering after a series of critical flops including Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad) with glowing reviews pretty much across the board. The film gave us the powerful female superhero we so desperately needed in 2017.

Jenkins surpassed every expectation with the first movie, and now she’s about to become the highest-paid female director in town for the second. Knowing that she’s being appropriately compensated for her work, in a field where women are still so vastly underrepresented, is only going to make Wonder Woman 2 more glorious.

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