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Pakistani voters reject religious extremists

Dubai: This election has been unique and surprises keep on coming as the polling results are announced.

Apart from Imran Khan’s win, another important factor, which has surfaced quite significantly is the worst defeat of extremists and religious faction in the country. Key religious parties’ chiefs such as Maulana Fazalur Rehman and Sirajul Haq to name a few were rejected by voters and similarly candidates of Labaikh Tehreek lost miserably and none of the candidates of from the banned religious outfit Hafiz Mohammad Saeed’s party could win. This trend clearly indicates that Pakistan masses are freeing themselves out of clutches of such groups.

Now the question arises whether Imran Khan would be able to deliver as prime minister of Pakistan in the wake of much hype created after his landslide victory. 

Khan’s promise of 10 million jobs and five million homes is definitely daunting task meet. The reality may stuck once the euphoria of victory subsides as the PTI would have to deal with serious challenges facing the country.

Election victory is the first step but the real challenge lies ahead. Some of the major challenges Imran will have to deal with are: revival of economy, fight against terrorism, effective foreign policy, healthcare, education and unemployment.

To begin with, h will have to attend to economic challenge as external debt has risen by $22 billion while Pakistan’s reserves at the moment are barely sufficient to cover two months of imports.

But Imran is expected to overcome major issues as he has an excellent team of experts who have already laid out plans for the country. We will wait and see if they will be able to implement the plan as they though because governance in Pakistan is the biggest challenge

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