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Ain't no party like a Kim Jong Un missile party

North Korea has celebrated its first intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launch with a pop music filled concert for leader Kim Jong Un. Pyongyang announced that they had successfully test-fired the Hwasong-14 – a missile powerful enough to reach Alaska – just hours before America’s Independence Day celebrations on 4 July. …

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John West pledges to improve fishing practices

The seafood giant behind the John West tuna brand has committed to curb damaging fishing practices and improve working conditions in the wake of a global campaign by Greenpeace. Thai Union, the world’s largest tinned tuna company, said it was taking steps to make fish easier to trace from sea …

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Turning pain into poetry success

A member of the Stolen Generations and a survivor of domestic violence, drug and alcohol addiction, unemployment and homelessness, Ali Cobby Eckermann will next month head to Yale University to receive the largest financial reward in the poetry world.

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