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Motorist caught driving at 231.6km/h before Imsak

Sharjah: Sharjah Police have warned motorists against driving at high speed particularly during Ramadan as people tend to drive fast and not follow the traffic instructions because of fasting.

Major Abdul Rahman Khatr, director of communications at Sharjah Police Traffic Department, said radar devices recorded a number of speeding violations during Ramadan, the most alarming of which were two motorists caught driving at very high speed.

One driver caught by radar clocked 231.6km/h before Imsak (suhour time) while the other motorist was caught driving at 214.7km/h before iftar.

Police urged motorists to drive carefully and within speed limits, especially close to iftar and suhour time during Ramadan.

Police recently launched an awareness campaign to reduce traffic accidents and fines.

Police also launched “Ramadan Aman” to distribute iftar meals among drivers who have not reached their home in time to end their fast, and to let them drive safely and stick to traffic rules.

Maj Khatr said that traffic jams and accidents increase before iftar because people drive in a hurry to reach home so that they can break their fast with their families.

“Every year, Sharjah Police in cooperation with Al Ihsan Charity Association give people iftar boxes during this time, so that we can reduce the number of accidents and traffic fines,” he added.

Maj Khatr said that most of the fines issued are for speeding before iftar, or obstructing traffic during Taraweeh prayers, as many drivers park their cars improperly that end up blocking the road next to the mosque.

Maj Khatr urged all motorists to drive safely, as reaching home safely is more important than speeding to reach on time, thereby putting not only his own life but others’ lives also in danger in the process.

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