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‘Mob lynching victim died of shock’

Khan had broken ribs and a lot of blood had accumulated in his chest, post mortem report

New Delhi: The post mortem report of dairy farmer Rakbar Khan, who was lynched by a group of eight persons in Rajasthan’s Alwar, on Tuesday revealed that he died of “shock and multiple fractures caused by a blunt object.”

According to the report, Khan was beaten in the ribs and back and had a lot of blood accumulated in his chest due to severe beating.

“Internal bleeding led to the death. There was 750ml blood in his chest. There were seven-eight fractures on his body,” Dr. Rajeev Gupta, who performed autopsy, told Gulf News.

Khan and his friend Aslam were attacked on Friday by villagers on suspicion of smuggling cows. Khan was beaten with stones while Aslam managed to escape.

It took the police six hours to take Khan, 28, to a hospital just 30 minutes away. The delay by the police in taking him to hospital is being investigated.

Local Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) leader Naval Kishore, who accompanied police to the hospital, on Tuesday released images of Khan sitting upright in the police vehicle.

“See I took this picture in the police vehicle. See, he looks fine. He was beaten later by the police. The cops even gave Khan a bath because he was covered in mud. The police organised transport to ferry the cows to a local cattle shelter before admitting Khan to the hospital. Later they stopped for tea before getting medical help for the injured man,” Kishore said.

Reacting to that, the Rajasthan police said that an investigation was ordered on the role of the policemen in the incident.

“During the investigation, if we find any administrative goof-ups, we will take necessary action,” Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Aneel Kumar said.

However, Special Director General of Police (DGP) NRK Reddy said he had no information about the victim being thrashed in police custody.

“We have no information yet about the victim being thrashed in custody, but yes, prima facie we have found that there was indeed an error in judgement in deciding what was important at that point,” Reddy said.

State legislator Gyandev Ahuja told Gulf News that Khan died not because of mob lynching but in police custody.

“I can tell you that Khan died in police custody. Police’s role has to be investigated properly,” Ahuja said.

“We are looking into these allegations. The investigation has been transferred from local police station and given to a senior police officer. The police will investigate why it took so long for the victim to get medical attention and if indeed he was killed in police custody,” senior police officer Hemant Priyadarshi told Gulf News.

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