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Man rescued after lying trapped under truck in Idaho for days

A man who was pinned under his truck for days following a crash has been rescued.

Joe Rightmire, 21, was trapped underneath the vehicle for at least two days after he was partially ejected from it when it rolled off the road and into a ravine.

He was discovered on Monday night by his sister, Tasha Goforth, who was searching for him after he had been missing for several days.

Bonneville County Sheriff’s office said they discovered Mr Rightmire trapped under the truck that had landed on its side in a small, narrow creek.

“Despite being in that position for days, he was conscious and talking to rescuers,” a statement said.

He had been partially ejected from the truck, but had no broken bones.

Rescuers were able to free him by sticking airbags under the vehicle and inflating them, and he was flown to the Eastern Idaho medical centre where his is being treated for dehydration.

Ms Goforth said her brother is doing well and is stable.

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