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Lady Gaga Burst into Tears After Her Super Bowl Halftime Show

Lady Gaga was reportedly so overwhelmed with relief as she left the stage following her epic 13-minute solo performance at the Super Bowl on Sunday that she was moved to tears.

According to sources at Houston’s NRG Stadium, where the New England Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons, Gaga was “very emotional” and “crying” as she walked off the stage, Billboard reports.

Following her ‘Bad Romance’ finale, where she literally dropped her mic and then dropped off the platform herself , the Grammy-winner “dove right into her sister’s arms” before she was reunited with her parents in the dressing-room.

Lady Gaga with her father Joe Germanotta backstage at the Super Bowl

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“She was so happy with her performance,” a source told E! News.”It was everything and more than what she expected.”

“She is so emotional now and so pleased,” the source added. “She thanked everyone involved with this production. She is so kind and thankful to everyone working with her.”

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