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Kim Kardashian Says She Almost Had Her Own Barbie Doll

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Kim Kardashian has had a reality TV show, an app, a makeup line, a game, a retail store, and more, but it turns out there was one business venture that never worked out the way she’d hoped—a KKW Barbie doll.

When a fan tweeted on Friday to reminisce about one of Kim’s extremely 2000’s red carpet looks, she replied with the dress’ adorable backstory.


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“Have the best story about this look!,” Kim tweeted. “I had a Barbie deal & she was going 2 wear this exact look! Then the deal got cancelled, the Kim K Barbie would no longer B produced. Kanye knew how sad I was, called Mattel & made all my dreams come true by having my prototype made just 4 me!”

Okay, major brownie points for Kanye! Since the KKW Barbie has been put to rest (for now), we’ll have to settle for little sister Kylie Jenner’s most recent Halloween costume instead.

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