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Kim Kardashian Can't Swatch and the Internet Can't Handle It

Now, love him or hate him, with over 5 million subscribers and the most viewed Kim Kardashian Contour Sticks review video on YouTube, Jeffree Star has the ability to make or break a brand. Something that Kimmy is clearly aware of, as she then took to Instagram stories to clear things up (and rant about the spot on her chin).

“Guys I have a huge fucking pimple right here [points to chin], I know the fucking comments about my awful swatches are stressing me the fuck out, I know. I didn’t know how to fucking swatch, get over it.”


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“This is an awful angle but I just want you guys to see this pimple here. You’re stressing me the fuck out. Ok guys I get it, I didn’t know how to fucking swatch powders at the beginning, I’m learning.”

Clearly not sensing Kim’s mood, her makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic admitted that he too found Kim’s inability to swatch hilarious…

“Guys I was dying at her swatches today.”

To which Kim responded:

“Ok, I’m learning how to swatch. Just wait till you get it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised, I’m not worried.”

Yes….this whole thing is still about makeup swatching. But rather than throw herself a pity party, Kim decided to get a swatch tutorial from Mario, although she clearly wasn’t keen on his two fingered approach…


“So I do two fingers at once? It’s like I’m fingering someone”

After admitted that she needs to learn how to swatch more “gracefully”, Kim then addressed her fans, who she claimed where attacking Jeffree Star for his previous tweets:

“And guys I see that my fans are totally hating on someone like Jeffree Star for being honest about my struggle swatches. But because of his remarks I’m learning from the best, like from Mario, how to swatch properly.


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