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Justin Trudeau Can't Resist the Charms of Angela Merkel

They shared family photos while telling stories that revealed deeper truths about who they were in an effort to make a connection in this large, lonely world.


They held hands in public.


They giggled at a private joke while also working to stop nuclear proliferation.


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And at the end of the most perfect “walking around on a daylong date,” they came so close to sharing a kiss.


Très proche!

Many have tried to get close to Le BAE, including the current president whose complicated handshake was no match for the Canadian PM’s warrior pose-strengthened grip.

But when faced with the stoic but intense charms of Angela Merkel, Le BAE melts.


This picture is just begging to be made into a Save the Date card. Or magnet. Or bookmark. No matter what Save the Date theme they choose, I’m here for it. I will absolutely hang it on my refrigerator for a full year after the wedding and then feel really bad about throwing it away for some reason.

We are watching actual magic in front of our eyes! This is an international Ross & Rachel! This is geopolitical San Junipero! This Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick with different accents!

This is perfect.


Sure they don’t have the most compelling couple name (Trurkel? Merkdeau?) but you’d be hard-pressed to name a more iconic duo in today’s political sphere. Irresistible!

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