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How to Stop Wine Hangovers

“Also, be aware that rosé isn’t the only name for it,” Prokoshyn says. “The Italian version is called Rosato. In Spain, it’s Rosado.”

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Rosé Is Not Dinner

“Food is not the enemy of drinking,” says Studeman, whose Rosé Project events include dinners that pair pink wines with food from celebrated chefs like The Smile‘s Melia Marden. “It’s a vital part of the experience. A great part of the experience.”

“There are also all these made-up rules that people—not even wine professionals!—invent about pairings. Like, people have this weird idea that rosé and sushi shouldn’t go together,” adds Marissa A. Ross, Bon Appetit’s wine editor and the author of Wine All the Time. “That’s bullshit. Rosé and sushi is fantastic. Also: Rosé and potato chips are fantastic.”

“Rosé is great with seafood. Rosé is great with dessert. But if you want a ‘rule’ that actually makes some sense,” says Parsons, “look at where the rosé is from, and pair it with the style of food from that region.” (Yes, molé fiends, there are Mexican rosés, too…)

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Natural Wine Might Be Like Great Sex

“Natural wine is a very ambiguous term,” says Atwood. “But what it means is that when something is a ‘natural’ wine, there’s been as little added and as little taken away as possible. It’s a wine that’s as true to the land as it can possibly be. When you’re drinking natural rosé, it might look cloudy and that’s okay. Cloudy wine is your friend… unless it’s from a gas station.”

“I like to compare it to the craft beer movement,” says Parsons. “The first time you drink seasonal ale after drinking Coors Light, or an organic sourdough with local years after only eating Wonder Bread, you’ll experience a range of new tastes.”

“It’s like when you fuck someone you actually love instead of sleeping with someone you don’t even like just to get laid,” adds Ross. Just in case you didn’t get the other examples.

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Stop Wine Hangovers Like a Pro

“Normal hangovers often result from chugging wine on an empty stomach,” says Studeman. “So you can start with nourishing yourself.” Meanwhile, Ross name-checks the usual fixes—Pedialyte, aspirin or Tylenol as soon as you get home, morning-after pizza—as helpful soothers.

“There’s also the one-for-one rule,” says Atwood, “Where you drink one glass of wine, then one glass of water, and keep alternating. You’ll never get hungover if you stick with that.”

But if your wine hangover is persistent, migraine-inducing, and generally wretched, you might not be hungover at all. Instead, “you could be allergic to sulfates,” says Atwood. “That means your hangover is actually a reaction that can be fixed with antihistamines, even like a Claritin [Ed Note: Ask your doctor!], or helping it with acupuncture. You can also look for wines with zero sulfates, which might change your whole experience.”

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