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Heatwave kills 30 people in sweltering Japan’s record-breaking temperatures

A heatwave gripping Japan has so far killed more than 30 people – 10 in one day alone – and has sent thousands to hospital.

The country has been enduring record-breaking temperatures of up to 40.7C (105F) after nearly a week where thermometers have not dipped blow 38C in places.

And people have been warned to brace for more scorching weather that threatens to last until the end of the month.

In Tokyo alone, rescuers responded to more than 3,000 emergency calls over 24-hours – a single-day record.

The youngest known victim of the heatwave is a six-year-old boy who died following an outdoor class at his school in central Japan.

The sweltering heat has raised concerns about the suitability of Tokyo as a venue for the 2020 Olympics.

Japan’s meteorological agency urged people to drink enough water to prevent heat exhaustion.

The intense heat has also made it more difficult for disaster victims and rescuers in areas devastated by the torrential rains that caused extensive flooding and deadly landslides in western Japan earlier this month.

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