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Gunmen attack police station in western Afghanistan, five killed

KABUL (Reuters) – Five people were killed on Saturday in clashes between the police and gunmen who attacked a police station in Afghanistan’s western Herat province, officials said.

Two gunmen who stormed the building killed three policemen, a civilian and a child, the spokesman for Herat provincial governor, Jailani Farhad, said, adding that four policemen were also wounded before the attackers were killed.

Members of the Afghan National Security Forces seized a vehicle packed with explosives from the attack site.

No militant group claimed responsibility for the assault, launched two days after Taliban fighters launched a series of attacks on checkpoints in four Afghan provinces, killing 32 members of the security forces and pro-government militias.

The Taliban has inflicted a heavy toll on government forces this winter, while the U.S. military with their government allies have killed Taliban field commanders with air strikes.

Reporting by Storay Karimi and Jalil Rezayee in Heart; Editing by Edmund Blair

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