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Gucci Shows Off Its Latest Eyewear Collection in a Trippy New Video

If there’s one thing the new Gucci is known for, it’s accessories. Bags and shoes fly off shelves, but the mad rush doesn’t stop there. Eyewear has also turned into a Gucci must-have, which makes perfect sense when you watch the latest campaign video from the brand.

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Shot by Petra Collins, the short film follows two kids who, after stealing Gucci glasses from their grandmother, go on an out of this world journey, abandoning reality for an eccentric dream. “Budapest is where it was filmed and it is where I feel most at home,” Collins wrote in an email regarding the campaign. “I shot my family last summer for A Magazine Curated by Alessandro Michele and was totally inspired. I was totally taken by my two cousins who were just magical in front of the camera. I really wanted to direct a film with them in it and when Alessandro asked me to shoot a film for the eyewear I thought they were the perfect subjects.”


In this film dream, the kids go from an in-house rock concert to a bike ride through the countryside that leads them to a cool-kid bath house where everyone is wearing, you guessed it, Gucci. “The eyewear is so playful and is something you put on and look through to feel different,” writes Collins. “The kids portray that. Their world is so big and so mysterious. When they put on my grandma’s sunglasses they imagine a whole new exciting world.”

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