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Filipino and Indonesian domestic workers not required to submit conduct certificate till June

Abu Dhabi: Domestic workers from the Philippine and Indonesia will not need to submit a certificate of good conduct when applying to a work visa until June 2018. 

According to a circular issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation to ‘Tasheel’ Service centres, the condition of obtaining the good conduct and behaviour certificate has been postponed for Filipino and Indonesian domestic workers until June of this year.

The circular was sent to all Tasheel Service Centres across the country.

The requirement for the good conduct certificate has been postponed to June 2018 from domestic workers in the two countries only, while workers from other countries who, want to work in the UAE, still need to obtain the good conduct certificate from their home country.

Those who already work in the country and want to transfer to another job do not need to obtain the certificate of good conduct, but need to cancel their previous work visa or adjust their status.

The circular also states that people who are already in the country on a visit or tourist visa need to provide the certificate of good conduct if they apply for a work visa.

Tasheel centres that do not stick to the new rule will be held legal accountability. Applicants can submit transactions for bringing domestic labours from abroad through Tasheel centres or via Tasheel online

Last month, the Coordination Committee to execute Cabinet Resolution No. (1/8) for 2017” announced that those coming to the UAE for the purpose of work shall obtain the certificate of good conduct and behaviour as a main condition to receive a work visa, starting from February 4, 2018.

The certificate should be issued from the applicant’s home country or the country of their residency for the last five years.

The certificate must also be attested by the UAE’s missions abroad or through the attestation centre of the customer happiness centres of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

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