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Emma Watson ALSO Thinks the Beast Is Hot

Emma Watson really is just like us.

According to MoviePilot, the Beauty and the Beast actress told Yahoo! reporters that she thinks Aslan is hot. Yes, that’s the lion from the Chronicles of Narnia.

But I’m sure I didn’t have to tell you who he is.


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Poor Emma didn’t receive much support for her opinion, following up her comment with, “Is that wrong? Is that okay? Probably not…No… It’s not okay… It’s not okay… I’m getting shaking heads.”

But we’re here to say it is okay. More than okay. Aslan is supposed to be appealing! Regal, strong, wise, powerful? All extremely attractive attributes. Let’s just leave aside the fact that he’s, well, a lion. He’s a winner.

The Beauty and the Beast actress is, of course, primed for thinking about this conundrum. After all, it’s exactly the dilemma her character Belle experiences in the film. Giant, Mean, But Hot Beast vs. Regular-Old-Man Prince, Who I Guess Is Fine If You Like That Kind of (Human) Thing? Uh….sure! Prince, yep. Yeah.

Watson is all in on this question; she continued, “There’s something a bit sad about when he transforms. You’re like a bit…oh…okay, you were quite nice before. He’s hot. The beast is hot.”

Your jacket is looking…very tight, there.

Courtesy of Disney

This is 100 percent correct. And it’s not just me who thinks so Watson who thinks so. There’s actually something of a consensus among fans that the Beast—even in the original Disney film—is hotter than the prince. Watson’s Belle even says something about it in the film, asking the Prince if he might be able to grow a beard after he transforms back into the Whatever Human Person. They know.

Prince in Beauty and the Beast

What a…lovely present. Uh…do you have the receipt?


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No offense meant to Dan Stevens, who makes a great Beast and a totally fine Prince opposite Watson in the forthcoming live-action film.

Dan Stevens

So good-looking, for a human man.


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