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Determined to liberate Yemen: Hodeida governor

Aden: Dr Al Hassan Ali Taher, governor of Hodeida, highlighted the determination of the Yemeni people to liberate the entire country from Al Houthi militias, with the support of the Arab coalition, led by Saudi Arabia.

In an interview with the Emirates News Agency, WAM, Dr Taher said he was optimistic after the liberation of many strategic areas, as well as the consecutive defeats inflicted on Al Houthis, after which their fighters retreated from battlefronts.

Dr Taher added the UAE’s support for the Yemeni people was a model to follow by other countries that desire to support the rights of the oppressed.

He went on to say that the UAE Armed Forces, as part of the Coalition, were launching various military operations to ensure the security of Yemen’s Red Sea Coast and protect maritime navigation in a strategic international commercial route.

He said the targeting of the international maritime trade in the Red Sea by the militias comes in blatant defiance of the international community, the resolutions of the United Nations and international conventions.

He also pointed out the militias have targeted commercial ships in the international corridors of Bab Al Mandab and the Red Sea while the Coalition is protecting Yemen’s regional waters and preventing humanitarian disasters. The militia has attacked many ships carrying relief aid to Hodeida Port, he noted.

Dr Taher said the complete liberation of Hodeida Port will be a blow to the militia while praising the UAE’s role in fulfilling the needs of the country’s liberated areas, by restoring and maintaining many key facilities.

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