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Clerk jailed for filming women flatmates nude in shower

Defendant admitted he fixed GoPro camera in bathroom and secretly filmed flatmates for his sexual pleasure

Dubai: A clerk has been jailed for six months for fixing a GoPro camera to the ceiling of a washroom to film his women flatmates nude in the shower.

A Filipina secretary went in to the bathroom to shower when she recognised a camera lens over her head in August 2018.

When she returned home from work in the afternoon, the secretary informed her countrywomen flatmates who managed to remove the GoPro camera from the ceiling.

The women then took out the memory card and connected it to a desktop where they watched footage of themselves nude in the shower.

As they confronted their 41-year-old Filipino flatmate, the defendant admitted he had fixed the camera in the ceiling.

The flatmates initially did not report the 41-year-old clerk to the police after he convinced them there were no more images.

However, the next day, when a flatmate reconnected the memory stick to her desktop, she discovered around 100 videos and images of her and her countrywomen naked in the shower.

The Filipinas instantly reported the matter to the police who called in the defendant for questioning.

On Thursday, the Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the Filipino defendant who pleaded guilty of violating the privacy his countrywomen and breaching their modesty by filming them nude using a GoPro.

Presiding judge Habib Awad said the accused will be deported after serving his jail term.

One of the filmed Filipinas, 32, said her flatmate warned her about the discovery of a camera in the washroom. “We removed the camera and checked the content of the memory card, we discovered we had all been filmed naked. We told the police … the accused was summoned for questioning and he was apprehended. We discovered that he had been filming us since December 2017,” she said.

A police corporal said that during questioning the defendant admitted that he had filmed his flatmates naked in the shower.

“When asked why he did so, he said he used to film them nude and watch the content to please his sexual desires,” said the corporal.

Thursday’s ruling remains subject to appeal.

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