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‘Knock Down the House’ puts AOC’s stunning victory in larger context

By providing a ground-floor seat to the start of the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez phenomenon, “Knock Down the House” feels like an extended window into a moment in history. That fortuitous twist, however, risks overshadowing the documentary’s larger message, which essentially serves as a rallying cry to brave elected politics, emphasizing that …

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David Oyelowo shines in ‘Les Misérables’ miniseries

“Les Misérables” is hardly lacking for adaptations, from multiple movies to the long-running musical. Yet Victor Hugo’s durable 19th-century soap opera gets a lavish, inordinately expansive makeover with a new six-hour production featuring Dominic West and David Oyelowo, one that fleshes out characters and situations normally given short shrift on …

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‘The Brink’ follows Steve Bannon on political crusade

Steve Bannon has become an alluring target for documentarians, with the former White House strategist and Trump campaign chief providing ample access to two filmmakers. While Errol Morris’ coolly received “American Dharma” awaits distribution, director Alison Klayman unleashes “The Brink,” an intimate look at the firebrand suddenly thrust into the …

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