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Bella Hadid Declares Peace With Selena Gomez With One Instagram Like

Back in January, one day after Bella Hadid’s ex The Weeknd and Selena Gomez were photographed making out, Hadid quietly unfollowed Gomez on Instagram, suggesting there was some drama between them. Hadid’s mother confirmed so much months later, saying Hadid was hurt initially by Abelena. But last night on Instagram, the model may have just signaled things are cool again between the two of them. (It doesn’t hurt that Gomez and The Weeknd recently broke up; Gomez has unfollowed The Weeknd on Insta and is now kissing her ex Justin Bieber publicly. The Weeknd was also spotted hanging at Hadid’s apartment for several hours last week.)

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Fans noticed that Hadid liked a photo of the newly-blonde Gomez posted on IMG Models Insta account:


Unlike Bieber, who liked and then quickly unliked a blonde Gomez pic during the AMAs, Hadid’s like still remains visible this morning, hours later. Peace: truly just a double-tap away.

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