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Ancient treasures found in Oman site


Three thousand arrow heads and ten snake-shaped idols, which were likely to have served as religious symbols, were discovered in Oman.

The Ministry of Heritage and Culture, in collaboration with a French mission from the Sorbonne University headed by Dr. Geum Gerd, discovered the artifacts at Al Madhmar area of Adam province. Two semi-complete pottery urns and a large number of pottery fragments were also discovered at the site.

The team is continuing archaeological research at the site, in the hope of understanding better the culture and lifestyle of Iron Age communities in the area.

The site, at which a unique collection of copper and bronze weapons have also been found, dates back millennia.

Last week, five old settlements and cemeteries dating back to between 2500 and 2000BC, were unearthed in Saham province in north Al Batinah.

The sites are in Dahwi, Wadi Al Sukhn, and Al Thaqibah, about 26km to the west of Saham on the northern plains of Al Hajr Al Gharbi mountains. These spots are the oldest archeological sites unearthed in northern Oman.

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