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All The Weeknd References in Selena Gomez's 'Bad Liar' Lyrics

After a countdown and a couple mirror messages, Selena Gomez dropped her second new single this year, “Bad Liar,” at midnight. She also released a music video on Spotify Now and posted two hot little teasers on her Instagram:

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The song itself, which samples Talking Heads’ “Psycho Killer” bassline, is a pretty different sound for her with a repetitive chorus that’s a very effective hook.

But the “bad liar” in the song, speculated at first to be an ex by some, seems to be Gomez lying to herself about her ability to resist someone, based on the lyrics (“All my feelings on fire/Guess I’m a bad liar”). That someone, who fans was first believed was likely an ex—specifically on-off ex, Justin Bieber—is actually a new guy, one of the songwriters Justin Tranter clarified on Twitter:

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Which, with The Weeknd-esque “XO” nod in the tweet, may add more fuel to the fire the song is in part inspired by him. Gomez co-wrote the song with Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels, which means all their experiences contributed to the final product. Here, the lyrics, via Genius, with possible The Weeknd (whose real name is Abel Tesfaye) references:

I was walking down the street the other day

Trying to distract myself

Then I see your face

Ooh, you got someone else

Before dating Selena Gomez, The Weeknd had been with Bella Hadid. After the breakup, he was single and may have been casually dating around.

But both Tesfaye and Justin Bieber are the kind of musicians who appear on posters or billboards around L.A. or New York promoting their musical work, making the line “I was walking down the street the other day/….Then I see your face” possibly literal.

Tryna play it coy

Tryna make it disappear

But just like the battle of Troy

There’s nothing subtle here

In my room there’s a king size space

Bigger than it used to be

The connotation here may be that Gomez literally has more room (she has a house in L.A. but before had been on tour and at one point, lived with Bieber himself) or emotionally has more room as she’s moved past Justin Bieber after their on-off relationship came to its final end last fall.

If you want you can rent that place

Call me an amenity

Even if it’s in my dreams

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