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A royal Middle East crisis: Jam or cream first?

Tel Aviv: It is the most politically sensitive trip he has ever undertaken, entering a diplomatic minefield in the Middle East.

As the Duke of Cambridge set foot in Jerusalem on Monday night for the British royal family’s first trip to Israel, he was faced with settling a debate that has raged for decades.

Not the seemingly impossible question of Israeli and Palestinian lands, of course, but the age-old issue of cream versus jam.

The Duke, who landed in Tel Aviv, was taken to the King David Jerusalem Hotel where a freshly baked pile of scones had been prepared for him.

There, according to Sheldon Ritz, the hotel’s director of operations, he was greeted with tea imported from England — the “best we can buy” — as well as fresh milk, cream and strawberry jam for his scone.

“We heard that there’s a big debate in England about whether you put the cream or the jam on first, so we’ll leave them to the side and let the prince decide,” he told a newspaper.

The Duke will stay for three nights at the King David, a former British headquarters which was bombed by Jewish militants in 1946, killing 91 people.

— The Daily Telegraph

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