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20 of drug ring nabbed in three months

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police have arrested 20 Asians for drug peddling in secret operations that lasted three months and seized 20kg of banned crystal meth and heroin from their possession, a statement from Abu Dhabi Police said on Tuesday.

The suspects were arrested in different batches without giving the chance for the rest of the group involved in the illegal clandestine trade to get to know about the fate of those nabbed.

They were charged with trading in heroin and crystal meth and promoting their consumption among members of their community.

The police’s Anti-Narcotics Directorate learnt about the involvement of a person who lived outside the country and was the main drug supplier of drugs to his compatriots living in the UAE.

Colonel Taher Gareeb Al Daheri, director of the Anti-Narcotics Directorate, said in secret operations, the suspects were arrested in groups without letting the others know of the detention of their fellow peddlers.

In a span of three months, all suspects were arrested.

The police have urged members of various communities to report any suspicious activity in their localities to the police by calling 999 or 8002626.

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