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16,042 traffic accidents reported in Dubai in Ramadan

Dubai: An average of 555 minor traffic accidents were reported everyday in Dubai during Ramadan, an official said.

Dubai Police’s Command and Control Unit said that they recorded 16,042 traffic accidents during Ramadan and logged up to 349,172 emergency calls.

Lieutenant-Colonel Mohammad Al Muhairi, deputy director of the Command and Control Unit, said most traffic accidents in Ramadan happened because of speeding before iftar time.

“Speeding and reckless driving by some drivers just before iftar and not leaving a safe distance between vehicles were some of the reasons behind the accidents. Not abiding by lane discipline and lack of attention while driving were also reasons behind those accidents,” Lt-Col Al Muhairi said.

He urged motorists to be cautious on the roads while driving especially near intersections and inside residential areas.

He also urged people to call 999 only for emergencies and call 901 for any other non-urgent questions, concerns or requests.

“Public should call 901 for non-emergencies cases and 999 for emergencies. It is important not to keep the 999 busy with non-emergency enquiries as it wastes time of the employee who can answer an emergency case,” Lt-Col Al Muhairi added.

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