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‘We Rely on Each Other’

After Serena Williams experienced sexism in tennis again during the 2o18 U.S. Open, Twitter, celebrities, and pro tennis players jumped to her defense. But Williams has revealed another ally that helped her through the difficult time: her close friend Meghan Markle.

In an interview with Australia’s The Sunday Project, the tennis superstar opened up about her relationship with the royal and how they handle the spotlight. According to Glamour, the chat was filmed during the height of Serena’s U.S. Open controversy, only days after the infamous match.

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“We were actually just texting each other this morning,” Serena revealed. “We have known each other for a long time, but we really kind of are relying on each other right a lot recently.”

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Serena and Meghan’s friendship has been strong since they reportedly first met in 2010. The tennis legend and her husband Alexis Ohanian were guests at Meghan and Prince Harry’s royal wedding in May, with Williams offering her friend advice leading up to the ceremony. Meghan returned the favor in July by supporting Serena at her Wimbledon Women’s Final. Most recently, Serena congratulated Meghan on her new charity cookbook and gushed about the Duchess on Instagram.

Reflecting on Meghan’s wedding, Serena stressed the importance and impact it will have on the world. “To have such a monumental moment in England, nonetheless of all the places, I felt like we were literally watching history,” she said. “I feel like in a few years we are going to look back at that moment and it’s going to be so historic. It’s going to be something that people never forget. The whole service was really wonderful, and most of all I just wanted to see my friend be happy.”

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Watch Serena’s interview below.

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