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Toxic fumes cause evacuation of new EU building

Staff working in the kitchens of the European Union’s new building in Brussels have been taken ill after a ventilator malfunction filled the air with fumes.

Several people were taken to hospital after breathing in the toxic gasses and some staff working in the building were evacuated.

The emergency services were called and were seen outside the building following the incident.

The European Council said a “technical issue” with the ventilation had let to it “producing noxious fumes in the kitchens”.

They said the problem had “led to a number of kitchen staff falling ill”.

Belgian rescue personnel gather at The European Council in Brussels
Next week’s leadership summit will go ahead as planned

The fumes were released in the EU’s new Europa building, which opened after several delays in January and is home to the European Council.

The building has been nicknamed the “space egg” because of its interior oval shape and cost 321 million euros to build.

Following the leak some of the building’s staff were evacuated to the old EU headquarters in the neighbouring Justus Lipsius building.

The EU said an investigation into the incident had been launched.

The European Council said the building will still be used for next week’s EU leadership summit, where Brexit will be discussed.

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