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Tom Holland Lip Syncing 'Umbrella' Is Your New Favorite Thing

Who is Tom Holland, you ask? He is your new favorite person. Ok he was also in Billy Elliot as a kid, and is most recently the Marvel universe’s newest Spider-Man. But that doesn’t really matter now. Now he shall be known as “that guy who did the amazing rendition of ‘Umbrella,’ complete with RAIN and FLIPS and A WIG on Lip Sync Battle,” which is the best thing you’ll see today or possibly all week.

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He begins with an homage to Gene Kelly because my man has the range. Then, he strips down into a bustier and boots and booty pops his way through “Umbrella” as Zendaya looks on in awe. Finally, he finishes by flipping onto his back in the middle of a fake rainstorm. And it is hot. Are you not attracted to men in bustiers? Watch this and think again.

Is this what Spider-Man: Homecoming is going to look like? Because I’ll be honest, most comic book movies could really do with a musical number or two.

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