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Scores of Houthi commanders killed in Yemen

Thousands of Yemenis voluntarily joining National Resistance Forces, boosting military efforts

Yemen: Scores of Houthi field commanders were killed during confrontations with National Resistance Forces in Yemen’s Red Sea Coast front, WAM news agency reported on Saturday. 

Thousands of Yemenis have been reporting to voluntary military service and recruitment offices across Yemeni governorates to join the Yemeni National Resistance Forces under the leadership of Staff Brigadier-General Tarek Mohammad Abdullah Saleh.

The development invigorates the military efforts being made against the Iran-backed Houthi militias on Yemen’s Red Sea Coast. 

A source at the Yemeni National Resistance Forces told WAM that the growing numbers joining the resistance add strength to the ongoing military operations against the coup perpetrators to liberate the entire Yemeni territories, noting that enlistment offices have been opened for Yemenis coming to voluntarily swear the oath and join the national forces.

“We are training the new recruits and equip them with all available advanced weaponry to help in the ongoing battles side by side with their Yemeni siblings against the Iranian-led scheme and restore control over the usurped lands,” he added.

“The Yemeni people are determined to defeat the Houthis who are perpetrating heinous crimes, including killings and mutilations against all those who have rejected the Iranian diabolic scheme.” 

Supported by the UAE Armed Forces operating as part of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition, the National Resistance Forces under the leadership of Staff Brigadier-General Tarek Mohammad Abdullah Saleh, are waging large-scale military operations on the Red Sea Coast in the direction of Mocha and Al Barah, west of Taiz, to regain control over the areas still in the grip of the Houthis, and pave the way for lifting the blockade staged against Taiz from the West Front. 

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