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Police dog Abbie accidentally overdoses on heroin in Oregon jail

A drug-detection dog had her life saved by an overdose-reversal drug after she was accidentally exposed to heroin in a US prison.

K9 Abbie and her handler Eliseo Ramos were conducting a routine search at Clackamas County jail, in Oregon, on Tuesday.

Abbie sniffed out heroin that had been smuggled in and alerted her handler.

Dog overdoses on heroin 
Pic: https://clackamas.us/sheriff/2018-08-08-CCSOPR-K9AbbieNarcan.html
Her favourite toy is a tennis ball

During the search, the heroin container was knocked off a table and Abbie was exposed to the drug. She began salivating, panting and blinking rapidly as her head started shaking.

An officer at the jail quickly administered a dose of Narcan for dogs.

Dog overdoses on heroin 
Abbie is a narcotics-detection dog

Narcan contains nalaxone – a reversal drug for overdoses on opioids such as heroin, fentanyl and carfentanil.

It was squirted up Abbie’s nose and stabilised her while she was transported to the vet for treatment.

abbie and handler
Abbie and her handler Eliseo Ramos

She was held overnight and released the next morning.

Here is some information about Abbie, released by the police station.

:: Breed: Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd
:: Specialities: Narcotic detection
:: Favorited toy: Tennis ball
:: Birthday: 15 March 2016
:: Birthplace: The Netherlands
:: Language: Dutch
:: Began service: April 2018

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