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Nipah Outbreak: UAE urges citizens in India to exercise caution

UAE has urged its citizens in India to exercise caution and abide by the instructions of Indian authorities following the outbreak of the Nipah virus in Kerala. Doctors wear safety masks as a precaution after the outbreak of ‘Nipah’ virus, at a hospital in Kozhikode. Dubai: The UAE has urged its …

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Everything about the Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala

Two people suspected to be infected with the brain-damaging Nipah virus are under treatment in India’s Karnataka state, a health official said on Wednesday, after an outbreak of the rare virus in neighbouring Kerala state killed 10. Symptoms of the virus were seen in a 20-year old woman and a …

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UAE Armed Forces destroy two Houthi militias boats in Red Sea Coast

The Houthi militias have repeatedly attacked merchant ships and threatened commercial shipping and global trade routes in the Red Sea Hodeidah: The UAE Armed Forces, as part of the Arab Coalition Forces, Wednesday morning destroyed two boats of the Iranian-backed Houthi militias in international waters, who were threatening one of …

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