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North Korea threatens 'thousands-fold' revenge

North Korea has threatened to launch “thousands-fold” revenge against the US after tough UN sanctions were imposed on it following the test firing of intercontinental ballistic missiles. In a statement on Monday, Pyongyang said the sanctions were caused by a “heinous US plot to isolate and stifle” North Korea. “We …

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'Meat-eating' sea bugs leave teen bloodied

An Australian teenager is recovering in hospital after he was left with blood streaming from his feet and ankles following a night-time paddle in the ocean. Sam Kanizay had waded waist-deep into the ocean at Brighton Beach, Melbourne, on Saturday evening and remained still in the water for around 30 …

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Al Jazeera attacks 'undemocratic' Israel

Al Jazeera has said Israel’s decision to close its Jerusalem bureau is “undemocratic” and has threatened legal action. The Qatar-based network criticised the decision by a country which “claims to be the only democracy in the Middle East”. “Al Jazeera stresses that it will closely watch the developments that may …

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