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Meghan Markle Called Prince Harry ‘Best Husband Ever’ in First Remarks on Married Life

Meghan Markle, on her first official work engagement since her secret East Africa honeymoon with Prince Harry, just said the gushiest things about her new husband, as lovestruck newlyweds do. During a walkabout in Chester, Markle said, per royal reporter Rebecca English, that married life is “wonderful. I’m really enjoying it. He’s the best husband ever.” She was smiling the entire time.

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Markle is doing her first event with the Queen today—and without Prince Harry to help guide her. As she is still learning the many, many little intricate rules of royal protocol, the Duchess of Sussex turned directly to the Queen for advice earlier. Markle was unsure whether or not she was to get in the car before Queen Elizabeth II. The two had just left the train station and were traveling by car to the Mersey Gateway Bridge, their first stop. Visibly nervous and unable to get an aide to guide her, she asked the Queen, “what’s your preference?”

“You go first,” the Queen replied simply and kindly.

“Oh, okay,” Markle replied, climbing in, with Elizabeth following her.

Hello! has footage of the interaction here.

This was well before photos came out of the Queen smiling and laughing alongside Markle during the bridge unveiling.

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