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Man and cobra buried side by side

Snake bit him as he tried to stitch its mouth

Patna: A man was stitching a cobra’s mouth when it slipped out of his hand and bit him several times until he was lifeless.

The bizarre incident took place on Sunday at Motipur village under Tajpur block in Samastipur district, some 70 km north of Patna, the capital and largest city of the state of Bihar.

The cobra was warming itself under the sun in the freezing cold when the man caught it by its neck. Witnesses said the snake didn’t react owing to the cold.

Bhola Sahni then took out a thread-needle from his pocket and began stitching its mouth to keep it under control. As the needle pierced its mouth, it jumped out of extreme pain. The snake bit the man.

“He was saying that he would bring it home after stitching its mouth and then keep it under his command by the power of some herbs,” a witness said.

The man took the snake home even though he was severely injured but his condition deteriorated.

He was rushed to a local hospital but died midway.

His family members killed the snake too. The cobra was then buried near the man’s grave.

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