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Here’s Your First Look at the This Is Us Season 2 Finale

As if this week’s This Is Us wasn’t emotional enough, you can now get a sneak peek at next week’s finale episode, and it looks like it’s going to be a doozy.


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The teaser trailer for the finale reveals that the episode will revolve around Kate’s wedding. Randall’s daughters are the flower girls, Randall and Kevin walk behind Kate as she proceeds down the aisle, and everything seems normal and beautiful until…

this is us


Jack arrives! Not only is he there, but he is clearly much older—that is, the age he would have been if he hadn’t passed away after the fire—and standing with the older, present-day Rebecca. In the scene, Rebecca is wearing white (which is suspicious—she wouldn’t be wearing white to her daughter’s wedding, would she?), and Jack says, “God, where did the time go, Bec?” Cue the tears.

There’s a lot to unpack in this cryptic scene. Is this Rebecca’s daydream? Is it a memory from her wedding to Miguel? Did she take mushrooms like Randall did that one time and hallucinate Jack being there? Whatever the case, it will probably be an extremely emotional moment for us all.

The This Is Us season 2 finale airs March 13.

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