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Expert's children gatecrash live TV interview

This is the rib-tickling moment two children stole the show from their dad as he gave a live interview on television.

Professor Robert Kelly was talking about the ousting of South Korean President Park Geun-Hye when his two children burst into his study, oblivious to the fact they were being watched by viewers across the globe.

He was midway through responding to a question on BBC World News when one child, dressed in a yellow jumper, danced into the room.

The news presenter immediately informed the guest expert that “one of your children has just walked in”, with a smile.

But as Prof Kelly swung out his left arm to usher the youngster back, a second child scooted into the room in a baby walker.

Hot on the baby’s heels was their mum or nanny, who ducked down in an attempt to keep out of shot.

She knocked over some books on a bed as she tried to drag the youngsters out, rushing backwards into the door which had shut behind her.

“My apologies,” said the professor, chuckling, as the children were whisked away.

But the youngsters did not go quietly, and Prof Kelly, though trying to remain professional throughout the episode, shut his eyes at one point in apparent frustration.

He then picked up from where he left off and continued to give his response – live from Busan in South Korea – as the woman crawled back into view to shut the door.

A clip of the interview was posted on Twitter and went viral.

Users hailed it as “absolutely brilliant” and “the perils of a live TV interview”, with one saying: “I might never actually stop laughing at this.”

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