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Engineer slaps co-worker on her backside

Dubai An engineer has been accused of molesting his co-worker by slapping on her backside at their workplace, heard a court on Monday.

The Filipina co-worker was said to be filling a glass of water from a water cooler in the corridor of the company in March, when the 39-year-old Syrian engineer slapped on her backside.

The Filipina burst into tears and told about the incident to her colleague, who reported the matter to police.

Police apprehended the suspect shortly after the incident.

A medical report confirmed that the Filipina had red marks on her backside.

Prosecutors charged the suspect with molesting his co-worker.

The suspect pleaded not guilty when he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Monday.

His lawyer presented a defence witness [suspect’s female colleague], who testified before presiding judge Urfan Omar that she did not see the 39-year-old doing anything to the complainant.

The lawyer contended in court: “My client did not slap the Filipina on her backside. he mistakenly bumped into her. He did not molest her. I ask the court to refer the case to the Dubai Misdemeanours Court because this is a minor assault case and not of molestation.”

The Filipina told prosecutors that the suspect slapped on her backside in the corridor.

“He slapped me hardly and the noise was very loud. I yelled at him and cried and told my colleague about the incident, who called the police,” she told prosecutors.

The Filipina colleague told prosecutors that the suspect mistook the complainant for another woman co-worker.

“The suspect used to joke with another colleague and slap on her backside. On that day, he mistook the complainant as his friend [with whom he used to joke] and slapped on her on her backside,” she testified.

A ruling in the case will be announced on June 28.

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