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Couple crushed to death as bridge falls on car

A couple have been crushed to death after a bridge collapsed onto their car as they travelled along an Italian motorway.

The victims are reported to be a 60-year-old man and his 54-year-old wife from the Marche region.

Bridge collapse
Image Caption:
A car which was caught up in the incident

The bridge fell onto their vehicle as they drove on the A14 between Ancona and Loreto.

It is believed the overpass had been under construction and was closed to traffic when it came down.

Two Romanian workers were slightly injured in the tragedy.

Bridge collapse
Image Caption:
The bridge came down onto the A14 between Ancona and Loreto

Following the incident, the motorway was closed and traffic backed up for several miles.

Six months ago another bridge collapsed over a busy road in northern Italy, killing one person and injuring five.

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