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‘Whitney’ brings heavy hand to Whitney Houston’s troubled life

“Whitney,” the second feature-length Whitney Houston documentary in 10 months, has the advantage of being produced with cooperation from Houston’s estate, providing greater access to those closest to her, including multiple relatives. The overall message, though, is much the same and painfully familiar — how the price of fame, and …

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‘Three Identical Strangers’ hits the documentary jackpot

“Three Identical Strangers” is an astonishing documentary, a look at how a feel-good, made-for-TV “separated at birth” story took on an unexpected, more sinister tone. Tim Wardle’s film works on multiple levels — from an underlying mystery to medical ethics to a rumination on the nature-vs.-nurture debate. Entertaining, thought-provoking and …

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‘Alexa, should I watch Discovery Channel’s “This is A.I.” special?’

“This is A.I.” brings a scholarly, understated approach to the topic of artificial intelligence, balancing the gee-whiz aspects of new developments with “We’re all going to die” apprehensions about it. Nevertheless, this two-hour Discovery Channel documentary feels like important viewing, and not just for those waiting for a real-life “Westworld” …

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