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Michael Moore turns up the heat in ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’

Michael Moore weaves together threads spanning his entire filmmaking career in assembling “Fahrenheit 11/9,” which is both its emotional strength and its structural weakness. The director connects multiple strands in building a case for activism around the election of Donald Trump, but it’s an at-times disjointed, scatter-shot journey — one …

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Emmys overdose on ‘SNL,’ as ‘Game of Thrones’ breaks up streaming party

There were two near-takeovers at the Emmys on Monday, as streaming services expanded their impact on the awards, while “Saturday Night Live” permeated the ceremony. The former likely magnified the issue of viewers watching a parade of winners from relatively little-seen programs — with “Game of Thrones” a notable exception …

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‘Reversing Roe’ explores contentious history of Roe v. Wade

This month’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings have highlighted deeply held fears that abortion rights are in danger. Netflix’s beyond-timely documentary “Reversing Roe,” about the decision at the heart of that controversy, feels flummoxed in its attempt to soberly condense a half-century of heated politics surrounding the ruling into a 90-some-odd …

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